Due to the current situation, the Parish Council have cancelled their ordinary meeting due on Monday 6th April. 


The date of the next Planning meeting will be:

None planned




Hilton Parish Council, in co-ordination with the Town Trust, Women’s Institute, Church and Village Hall Committee, are looking to organise assistance to any family/individual who is having to self-isolate during this period of Coronavirus.

Co-ordination could include:

  • Picking up shopping
  • Collecting prescriptions
  • Posting mail
  • A friendly telephone call
  • Advice regarding setting up Skype or other methods of online communication

Our point of contact is Nicola Webster, Clerk to the Council

Tel: 830605 Email: clerk@hiltonparishcouncil.com

Please contact if you would like assistance.

Coronavirus is contagious. Please note that the collection and delivery of items will be undertaken without charge, we will discuss with you how payment can be made for the goods as necessary.

This will be a doorstep delivery service to avoid physical contact.

We are looking for volunteers to help with this community effort, if you can help please contact Nicola.

Hilton Town Trust are also offering financial support to any Hilton individuals or families that are facing hardship as a result of this pandemic. For further information please contact Phil Wood, Clerk to the Town Trust on 830866 or phil.n.wood@btinternet.com

Further information is available on the Coronavirus page on this website (Coronavirus), the community website (www.hilton-village.com) and the Parish Council’s Facebook page.

Stay-at-Home Directive

Guidance regarding the new stay-at-home directive can be found here:


Hilton Road Closure

Please note that Hilton Road is currently closed due to a burst water main between Field’s View and Clayfield Farm. A copy of the Temporary Traffic Regulation Order is below:

20-447 Hilton Road, Hilton


Following the recent announcement from the government, the playground is closed until further notice.


Following advice from the government regarding minimising contact, there will be no deliveries of Spectrum in paper format this month. An online copy can be found on the community website by clicking here

HMRC Scam Alert

This message is to warm you about two scams involving HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) that have been reported to the police recently.

HMRC Arrest Warrant Scam

A resident in our district has reported receiving three automated phone calls supposedly from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) telling them that HMRC is filing a lawsuit against them, has issued an arrest warrant, and that they should to press “1” to speak to a caseworker to make a cash payment.

Similar scam calls have been reported across the country, often targeting elderly and vulnerable people.

HMRC advice is:

  • the calls are NOT genuine;
  • the correct action is to hang up on the call;
  • HMRC will NEVER contact anyone using an automated phone call.

More information on this and other HMRC scams is available of the Government website

HMRC Corona Virus Scam

Criminals are also exploiting the current Corona Virus situation. There have been reports of people receiving scam emails saying that they can claim a tax refund to help protect themselves from the Corona Virus outbreak.

HMRC advice is:

  • Do not reply to any suspicious emails;
  • Do not open any links in the message;
  • HMRC will NEVER send an email notification about tax rebates or refunds.

An example of the scam email is shown on the Government web-site at –


Would you like to be a Parish Councillor?

The Parish Council is the first tier of Local Government representing the local community, delivering services to meet local needs wherever possible, and improving quality of life and community well being.

Hilton Parish Council currently has a Councillor vacancy for co-option.

Would you like to join the Parish Council and help make decisions about how the Parish is run?

You can read a guide on what Parish Councillors might be expected to do (although this is very broad and covers all Town and Parish Councils, so don’t be scared!) in the Good Councillors Guide.

There are a few criteria you must be able to comply with:
To qualify a person must be a British subject, over 18 years old and an elector; must reside within Hilton or within 4.8km of it, or occupy as owner or tenant any land or premises therein, or have their principal or only place of work there, and must not be disqualified from holding office as a Councillor.

If you would like to join us, please email the Clerk a brief CV and explanation about why you would like to be a Councillor by Saturday 28th March and your application will be considered at the April meeting.— clerk@hiltonparishcouncil.com

Maintenance Person

Hilton Parish Council is recruiting for a Maintenance Person.

Duties include:

Inspection and mowing of the playground

Litter Picking

Maintenance of the benches and the grass around them

Maintenance of the bridges and the vegetation around them

Ensuring that the exit grids on the ponds remain clear

Maintenance of other Council property

A full job description can be found below:

Maintenance Person Job Description – Approved

If you would like to apply for this position please email a copy of your CV with a covering letter to the Clerk: clerk@hiltonparishcouncil.com

Closing date: 28th March 2020

Emergency wall repairs Five Arch Bridge, Potton Road, Hemingford Grey and Potton Road (B1040), Hilton

NOTICE is given that Cambridgeshire County Council has made an Order pursuant to the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended by the Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions) Act 1991, the effect of which to impose a 40mph speed limit along Potton Road, Hemingford Grey and Potton Road (B1040), Hilton as lies approximately 100 metres either side of Five Arch Bridge.

The Order will be effective, for safety purposes, when signs are in place indicating the speed limit along the whole or any part of the above mentioned length of road whilst works are in progress or temporarily suspended.

The Order is made to facilitate repairs to a collapsed retaining wall works which are being carried out on or near this highway and it will come into operation on 10 March 2020 and continue until these works have finished or on the 9 September 2021 whichever is the earlier.

It is anticipated that these works will be carried out between 10 March and 31 March 2020.

Please see the order below for your information.

20-267A – Potton Road, Hemingford Grey HM.

Update from Cambridgeshire County Council:

Unfortunately, following Government guidelines due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have been instructed to halt all of our non-essential schemes to prevent the further spread of the virus.  I do not have a date for works to recommence but I am sure you will understand the necessity to minimise travel and group activities.

The traffic lights will remain in place until the scheme can be completed so apologies for any inconvenience caused.  The site will be regularly monitored for further signs of movement and the Traffic management will be inspected daily.

Once we have been given the ok to remobilise I will send confirmation to yourselves and, in the meantime, if you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Weekly Policing Update

Before we get to our weekly Policing Summary, here is just a reminder again how important it is that we all stay home as much as possible, even during lovely sunny weather.

Please stay home

….. except for your one exercise session or to pick up essentials. Enjoy the sunshine from the comfort of your garden or from inside with the windows open.

Police have received a few reports of groups of people gathering and apparently ignoring the social-distancing regulations, but overall, feedback from patrols is that so far people are overwhelmingly abiding by the rules, staying at home and only going out when it is essential. Well done Hilton – keep it up!

Now to our weekly summary of offences and incidents affecting your community, covering the period 1st to 6th April.

Lattenbury Hill, Hilton – Intruders broke into a barn at Lattenbury Hill, Hilton, overnight on Saturday 4th / Sunday 5th April, then removed the padlocks from a number of storage containers inside the building. At the moment it is not known what might have been stolen from the containers. (Ref 35/23531/20)

Fenstanton Road, Hilton – Intruders broke into a farm building on Fenstanton Road, Hilton, at some time between Sunday 29th March and Monday 6th April, and stole two motorcycles that were being stored inside together with a green jerry-can of unleaded petrol. (Ref 35/23701/20)

And Finally – Some Advice About Domestic Abuse

If you or someone you care about is suffering domestic abuse, there are support options available to you.

To find out more, visit:



Hilton Parish Council would like to set up a email database to allow it to notify you of some of the more significant issues it deals with in a more timely manner. If you would like to be included in this database please send an email to our clerk: