Head and shoulders photo of Cllr Peter Balicki

Peter Balicki


Moved to Hilton in 1997 and have been on the Parish Council since 2013.

Tel: 01480 831787


 Registrable interest form - Peter Balicki (PDF, 3.37 Mb)

Photograph of Cllr Graham Barradell

Graham Barradell

Vice Chair

We moved to Hilton in 1990 because of work and stayed. Both children born here and have now moved to careers elsewhere. I first joined the Council in 2000 and am now serving my fifth term. Now retired but Parish work helps to fill the employment gap. I liked the village, still do, and my ethos is to maintain it.

Tel: 01480 830131


 Registrable interest form - Graham Barradell (PDF, 1.3 Mb)

Cllr Heather Chambers

Heather Chambers


I joined the Parish Council in May 2020 having lived in Hilton for 18 years. I’m married to Dave and we have 2 grown up children who both attended Swavesey Village College. I was Vice Principal at Long Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge and retired in 2018.  I am actively involved in a church in Cambridge, enjoy walking and cycling, boating on the River Ouse and looking after our young grandson one day a week. I enjoy gardening and entered the Hilton produce show for the first time in 2019. I was delighted to win 3 cups! I am very keen to listen to parishioners views and to work on improving life in the village for all villagers.

Tel: 01480 830707


 Registrable interest form - Heather Chambers (PDF, 1.28 Mb)

Head and shoulders photograph of Cllr Rob Collard

Rob Collard


Rob was born and raised in Hilton and later returned to live here with his family in 2007. He now lives with his wife and three children and are about to build, what will be between them, the 8th house they have lived in the village. 

Tel: 01480 839840


 Registrable interest form - Rob Collard (PDF, 137.54 Kb)

Head and shoulders photograph of Cllr Kieron Dunk

Kieron Dunk


I was born and raised in Cambridgeshire and have lived in Hilton with my wife Alison for 30 years, bringing up two children. Hilton village has a rare and vibrant community and I feel fortunate to be part of that and to have spent so many great years here.


In that time, I have restored a number of important and historic buildings in the village, including The Manor House and The Limes. I hope the village heritage handed down to us, can be conserved for future generations, and at the same time believe the parish can grow to face todays challenges and opportunities.


Tel: 01480 830992


 Registrable interest form - Kieron Dunk (PDF, 3.07 Mb)

Head and shoulders photograph of Councillor Ettore McCarthy

Ettore McCarthy


I joined the Parish Council in 2021 for my second term, having served nearly 5 years during my first. My wife, Fiona, and I moved to Hilton in 2007 with our son Tom. Very soon after, our daughter Francesca was born. I have always been village focussed, previously having been on the Hilton Feast Week & Hilton Ball committees for several years.


My professional life is in aviation, working for easyJet as a Captain on the Airbus fleet. In my spare time, I am a keen cyclist and love skiing when the chance permits. I look forward to hearing from parishioners on their views, ideas or concerns. Hilton is a great village and I look forward to being part of a team that continues to keep it flourishing.

Tel: 01480 839953


 Registrable interest form - Ettore McCarthy (PDF, 1.24 Mb)

Photograph of Ian Stott

Ian Stott

Tree Warden/Emergency Officer/Green Open Spaces Officer

I moved to Hilton in 1982 with my wife and two children.  This soon became three.  They have now all married and moved away, – although two of them would like to move back to the village, the place does that to you.  Apart from a three year break, I have been on the Parish Council since 1992.

My working life was in the agricultural industry.  Before retirement I was involved in helping DEFRA devise the various Countryside Stewardship schemes and training farmers to implement them.  I hope some of the knowledge I gained can be put to good use looking after our village.

Tel: 01480 830660


 Registrable interest form - Ian Stott (PDF, 1.31 Mb)

Head and shoulders photo of Cllr Sarah Suckling

Sarah Suckling


My husband and I moved to Fen Drayton in 2000 and then took the leap across the A14 to Hilton in 2009 when we bought a derelict property on Graveley Way. We spent 12 months renovating before moving in and have lived there ever since.

I started my career in the Health and Fitness industry managing corporate health clubs in London. I then stopped to raise my two children who are now teenagers. I was heavily involved in their primary school in Fen Drayton and was on the board of governors for several years with the last two years as Chair. I am now a project manager for a small development company.

I am pleased to join the Parish Council to preserve the uniqueness of the village but to also bring about change where it is needed for the future.

Tel: 07890 813394


 Registrable interest form - Sarah Suckling (PDF, 4.8 Mb)

img 4572

Sharon Walker


Having always loved the village, we were lucky enough to find a plot to complete a self-build in 2004. My two daughters attended the local schools and I have worked at our local hospital as the Community Team Leader Midwife for 32 years, which is a job I love and a feel privileged to do.

I have always been passionate about our local community. I was on the Hilton Feast week committee for twelve years, and was Chairman for five of those. Each year we put on a full week of entertainment for everyone in the village with many memorable times of laughter and great satisfaction seeing the villagers come together to celebrate Feast week. I have also been involved in organising the Hilton Summer Ball alternate years which is another wonderful event for the parishioners to socialise and enjoy the beautiful landscape we are fortunate to have in Hilton.

I became a Parish Councillor because I care about our maintaining our village heritage, ensuring parishioners views are listened to and implementing ideas to enhance our wonderful village.

Tel: 07984 232424


 Registrable interest form - Sharon Walker (PDF, 1.57 Mb)

The Role of Parish Councillors

Councillors are collectively responsible for making Council policy, for which they are accountable to the electorate.

They are recognised nationally as the level of local government closest to people.

Councillors are not directly involved in the day-to-day provision of services to the public. This does not of course mean that there should be no contact between Councillors and the Clerk on such matters and, indeed, Councillors may often find that they are asked by electors to pursue matters on their behalf. However, Councillors have no executive authority, and will need to deal with all matters either through a properly constituted meeting or in liaison with the Clerk concerning, say, a Parish opportunity or problem.

It therefore follows that there are no circumstances where an individual Councillor can issue an instruction to the Clerk or a Contractor. Likewise, a Councillor must never act  “on behalf of the Council”  in the organisation of any function or service.  Particular care should be taken in all types of communication, especially via comments to ensure understanding you speak as a  “Parish Councillor”  and not on behalf of the Council as a whole.  Generally, the Clerk issues all correspondence on behalf of the Council .

Comments from the community should be addressed to the whole of the Council and not to any one Councillor as the Council is collectively responsible.

All Councillors will attend the Council meeting, held on the first Monday of each month except January and August.   In addition, Councillors become members of Committees or Working Groups established in different service areas.

Councillors take decisions on matters of major policy at monthly meetings of the Council, after having considered the recommendations of any Committee or Working Group.   A Councillor is voted to act as Chair by the collective Councillors on each Committee.

Copies of Parish Council Standing Orders are issued to each Councillor to ensure all procedural methods are understood and acted upon.

Statutory Powers and Duties

The Council derives its powers from statute.  A few of these are mandatory (i.e. the Council must carry them out) but most are discretionary  (i.e. the Council can carry them out if it wishes).  In all cases, both Councillors and Clerk must work within the law.