Coronavirus Volunteer Support

Hilton Parish Council, in co-ordination with the Town Trust, Women’s Institute, Church and Village Hall Committee, are looking to organise assistance to any family/individual who is having to self-isolate during this period of Coronavirus.

Co-ordination could include:

  • Picking up shopping
  • Collecting prescriptions
  • Posting mail
  • A friendly telephone call
  • Advice regarding setting up Skype or other methods of online communication

Our point of contact is Nicola Webster, Clerk to the Council

Tel: 830605 Email:

Please contact if you would like assistance.

Coronavirus is contagious. Please note that the collection and delivery of items will be undertaken without charge, we will discuss with you how payment can be made for the goods as necessary.

This will be a doorstep delivery service to avoid physical contact.

We are looking for volunteers to help with this community effort, if you can help please contact Nicola.

Hilton Town Trust are also offering financial support to any Hilton individuals or families that are facing hardship as a result of this pandemic. For further information please contact Phil Wood, Clerk to the Town Trust on 830866 or

Further information is available on this website, the community website ( and the Parish Council’s Facebook page.

National Lockdown

As you are aware, we are now in a national lockdown and we must all stay at home unless we have a “reasonable excuse”. A copy of the government guidance can be found at or downloaded here: National Lockdown Guidance. The Hilton Coronavirus volunteer support, co-ordinated by the Parish Council, is available to organise […]

Hilton play area

Playground Risk Assessment – Covid-19

You can read a copy of the Parish Council’s risk assessment below: Covid-19 Risk Assessment – Playground

Top Tips for staying well

Top Tips The Royal College of Occupational Therapists has produced a poster showing some top tips for staying well whilst isolating. You can find a copy of this poster below: TopTips for staying well

County Council Support Hub

County Council Support Hub Please find contact details for the support hubs below: Covid-19 Co-ordination Hubs info and contacts A COVID-19 coordination hub has been launched across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough to help those in our communities who are most affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council are working closely with […]

Covid-19 Symptom Tracker

Covid-19 Symptom Tracker Parishioners are encouraged to use to track their symptoms, even if they are symptom free. By using this app you’re contributing to advance vital research on COVID-19. The app will be used to study the symptoms of the virus and track how it spreads. This research is led by Dr Tim […]

St Ives and Villages Local Shops

St Ives and Villages Local Shops This website has just been set up by a kind parishioner (free of charge). It is a free website to help you get local deliveries, and support local suppliers during the coronavirus pandemic. If you know of any local suppliers or services that should be listed on this website […]

Coronavirus Door Sign

  If you are self-isolating you could use the door sign below to alert delivery drivers and neighbours of your situation. If you are unable to print and would like one of these signs printed for you please contact Nicola Webster – or 830605