Experimental Traffic Regulation Order

The government has passed legislation for County Councils to implement Experimental Traffic Regulation Orders (ETROs) to promote cycling and walking. Under these measures councils can “restrict certain roads to certain types of travel”. Some measures have already been implemented in Cambridge city such as prohibiting motor vehicles through the width restriction in Storeys Way.

There is a meeting of Cambridgeshire County Council’s (CCC) Highways and Transport Committee, chaired by Cllr Ian Bates, on 15th September at 10am to consider additional measures. They have consulted with Huntingdonshire District Council, although the chair of the HDC has said that this legislation lies entirely within the remit of CCC.

Hilton Parish Council discussed the Experimental Traffic Regulation Orders at their meeting on Monday 7th September and resolved to write to Cambridgeshire County Council to support a 24 hour HGV ban on the B1040 in order to encourage parishioners and cyclists from a wider area to use this road in the aftermath of the lockdown period. A parish councillor has asked to attend the County Council Committee meeting on 15th September to present the case.

Hilton Parish Council also resolved to ask parishioners to lobby the County Councillors so that they are aware of the level of demand for such an initiative and we would urge everyone to email the names listed below supporting the bid for a 24 hour HGV ban on the B1040 between the A1307 Galley Hill Junction and Papworth Everard. It is worth noting that an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order is made specifically to encourage walking and cycling during the Covid-19 crisis and through recovery. We should not give examples of historical issues on the B1040 but be presenting a case for change to encourage cycling and walking in the community.

Hilton Parish Council would like to suggest that all Parishioners write to Cambridgeshire County Council in support of this endeavour and the relevant email addresses are below:

(Acting Head of Transport Policy and Strategy)

(Chair of the Highways and Transport Committee)

(Vice-Chair of the Highways and Transport Committee)

(Clerk to the Highways and Transport Committee)

If you would like any further information please contact the Clerk to Hilton Parish Council –