Nottingham Knockers

“Nottingham Knockers” have been operating in the village recently. Please see information below from Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Against Scams Partnership:
“We recently received reports that ‘Nottingham Knockers’ have been operating in different areas of the county. Nottingham Knockers are traders who sell items from a bag on the doorstep, typically cleaning products such as dusters, sprays etc. They usually tell a story that they are former prisoners who are rehabilitating themselves and getting back into work in order to appeal to residents’ emotions and get them to purchase their wares.
Items are usually overpriced and often just shy of ten pounds each so that if anyone does agree to buy, they have to find a note to pay. This helps criminals to identify addresses where cash may be kept in the house and therefore prime targets for future distraction burglaries and other crimes.
Please spread the word about this to any vulnerable people you may know. And please remind them that it is not impolite to not answer the door to cold callers. It is best not to engage with doorstep traders at all. ‘We’re Not Buying It’ door stickers are available to deter cold callers.”