St Ives Viaduct, A1096, Harrison Way, St Ives – Weekend Closures, 2022

Cambridgeshire County Council has advised that there is a proposed closure of St Ives Viaduct, A1096, Harrison Way, St Ives over three weekends.  The closures will run from 20:30 on the Friday until 05:00 on Monday morning during the following  weekends;

18th March 2022 – 21st March 2022

25th March 2022- 28th March 2022

1st April 2022 – 4th April 2022

8th April 2022 – 11th April 2022

The reason for the closures are that the bridge joints that were installed in 2017 have been found to have faults within the joints themselves and concrete, and need to be repaired.  This will mean they require access to the entire stretch of the carriageway and are looking to minimise commuter traffic by carrying out 24hr works on rotating shifts at weekends.  It is hoped they can complete one joint per weekend, hence the 4 dates.

Please click on the link to see a copy of their proposed diversion – St Ives Viaduct Diversion

The diversion route seems long but CCC has advised that, as they have to consider larger vehicles, the diversion may not be the shortest route but is the shortest route for HGVs to take. They are not allowed (on the whole) to divert from a higher class road onto a lower one.

The diversion route will use the following roads; St Ives: A1096, Harrison Way; London Rd; A1307. Boxworth: A1307; A14. Brampton: A14; A141. Huntingdon: A141, Spittals Way; A1123, Huntingdon Road; Houghton Hill Rd; Houghton Rd; St Ives: Needingworth Road; A1096 and vice versa.