Volunteer Working Party

The weather this year that has given us a bumper harvest of hedgerow blackberries, has also given us vigorous growth of everything in the village.

In order to do a little tidying up, the Parish Council will be holding a work party for 3 hours starting at 9.30 on Saturday 14th October.  We will assemble outside the Village Hall.

The areas we will be working on include:

    • Collection of dead/fallen branches from a range of sites round the village.
    • Widening of pathways where new growth is impeding walking.
    • Further reparation work on the bonfire site.

If you are aware of any other areas where work is required please let the clerk know via. 

Some tools and trailers will be provided but if you are able to bring shovels, forks, secateurs, loppers, perhaps a wheelbarrow, it will all help.

In anticipation of receiving your help, thank you.