Weekly Policing Report

Very happily, there are no offences or incidents to mention in this week’s Policing Update for your community, covering the period 27th June to 3rd July.

But Finally … Letting the Police Know About a Planned Event

If you are planning an event or activity that you think the police should be aware of, you can use the new on-line form to let them know about it.

This will help the police so that if people phone in on the 999 or 101 numbers, or make a report on-line, they can avoid sending officers out when they are not needed and help them focus on more urgent matters.

Examples of things you might want to let the police know about are:

  • Recreational shooting;
  • Charity work;
  • Agency work;
  • Funerals;
  • Drone Flying;
  • Mental Health Assessments;
  • Training activities;
  • Road Closures.

To let the police know about things like these, you can use the on-line Form at the following link: