Weekly Policing Update

Here is our weekly summary of offences and incidents affecting your community, reported to police during the period 20th to 27th December:

A1307 Galley Hill Roundabout – Three cars were left abandoned in flood water on the slip road at the Galley Hill Roundabout on Wednesday evening, 23rd December. Police and the Highways Department closed the road to stop further cars becoming stuck. One stranded driver was rescued and taken home. (Ref CC-23122020-0520)

Church End, Hilton – A Transit van needed towing away by recovery services after being swamped by flood water at Church End, Hilton, on Wednesday evening, 23rd December, with water up to its windows. (Ref CC-23122020-0729)

Hilton Road, Fenstanton – Police closed Hilton Road on Thursday evening, 24th December, after flood water over two feet deep made it too dangerous for traffic to be allowed to pass through. Warning signs and cones were also put out on Connington Road which also had some flooding. (Ref CC-24122020-0559)