Weekly Policing Update

Very happily, there are no offences or incidents affecting your community to mention in our Policing Update this week, covering the period 3rd to 8th May.

However, here is a message from the police about accidental 999 calls :

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, Cambridgeshire Police say that they spent in the region of 6 hours dealing with accidental 999 calls where the number was either inadvertently dialled from a mobile phone in a pocket, or was made by children larking around.

All 999 calls need to be investigated to make sure that everyone is safe, and when the number has been dialled in error or as a joke, this takes time and diverts resources that could be used on a genuine emergency.

Police say: “We appreciate that mistakes can happen, so if you do accidentally call us, please explain the situation to us rather than just hanging up the phone”.