Weekly Policing Update

Very happily, there are no offences or incidents affecting your community to mention in this week’s ‘Policing Update’ for your community, covering the period 16th to 21st May.

However, you may be interested to see information about a police campaign to raise awareness of ‘County Lines’ drugs dealing:

‘County Lines’ Awareness Campaign

All this week the Police have been highlighting ‘County Lines’ drug dealing to raise awareness of what it is, who is at risk, and how to spot the signs.

They are continuing to work with hotels, landlords, taxi drivers and bus companies to identify victims of exploitation across Huntingdonshire. Officers are distributing leaflets and posters encouraging employees to look closer in order to spot children and young people who are being exploited by County Lines criminals.

More information, including how to spot the signs and to report information to the police, is on the police web-site at: