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Information received from the Integrated Highways Management Centre:

We have plotted all the measures put in place to aid social distancing across the county onto https://one.network so that they are available to Members, Stakeholders and the Public. At the moment these include the pop-up cycle lanes, pedestrian pinch points and any test stations, however as more of the road space reallocation schemes go on line we will plot them in as well.

This will all aid in getting the information out to as many people as possible and will also help prevent any clashes with street works on the network.

To see the layers, after following the link, you will have to click on the icon in the top left corner that looks like a liquorice allsort;

Example of icon

This will bring up the ‘Data layers’ menu, you will then need to toggle the layer marked ‘Covid-19 SafeStart restrictions;

Example of map

2020 Surface Dressing Programme

Please find below the 2020 Surface Dressing program.

All sites marked in Green are site requiring remedial works from the 2019 Surface Dressing program.

Please be aware, this process is weather dependent, so dates may alter at short notice. Some sites will be done using a Convoy Traffic Management system, but the majority will be road closures. Access to properties within the closure areas will be restricted, and all sites will have Traffic Management gatemen positioned at the closure points to give advice on access. As with all highway operations, there will be delays and inconvenience during works operations, and I apologise for this in advance.

Cambridgeshire Surface Dressing Programme 24.6.2020