During the Parish Council meeting held last night -3rd December, Councillors discussed and deliberated whether to refurbish the current playground or to renew the whole area. We discussed the amount of village support that we have received either by emails or attending the open session that was held in the village hall on Sunday 18th November 2018.  I am happy to report that the Councillors voted unanimously to renew the whole playground. 

The Councillors also discussed clearing the overgrown area along The Grove where the playground is situated.  Creating a woodland walk with bluebells etc and a grass area next to the playground where we can locate benches.  The Green Open Spaces working group will report back to the Parish Council early next year with a plan and costings to create this area. 

Initially, we now need to apply for funding.  The closing date for Amey and Wren is 10th and  12th December 2018.  We are applying for approximately £50,000,but we need to raise a further £6,000 to be able to start the project.  The Parish Council have agreed to allocate some of this money but over the next few months we will be looking for any method to help raise further money.  Any donations would be very gratefully received. Some Parishioners have already promised donations.

We hope to receive an indication in January 2019 if our funding application has passed the initial vetting.  At that point we will invite the playground companies to design a playground in line with the comments that was received at the drop-in meeting on Sunday 18 November. We will then ask the Parishioners for their comments.  Perhaps another drop-in session at the village hall?

Review Initial design concepts