Weekly Policing Report

Here is our weekly summary of offences and incidents affecting your community, reported to police during the period 13th to 20th February:

Potton Road, Hilton – Police stopped and searched a white Iveco van on Potton Road, Hilton, on Monday afternoon, 15th February, following a report of scrap metal being stolen from a farm. However, no offences were discovered and the incident was put down to a misunderstanding. However, two people were reported for breaching Covid-19 regulations. (Ref CC-15022021-0224)

And Finally – Police Survey on the Use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Systems:

Cambridgeshire Police are running a survey to get the public’s views on the use of ANPR systems in the County.

ANPR is used to alert officers to stolen vehicles, vehicles involved in crime, or to help locate missing people. The data they collect can also be used in investigations. You can help shape the future of ANPR by anonymously completing the survey and sharing your views at the following link: